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Background and objectives. Relation between physical fitness and self-concept is being recently studied and whose origin is still the reason of extensive controversy among those who research it. This review aims to summarize scientific studies published in the recent years that evaluate the relationship between physical fitness (or anything of indicators) with self-concept in schoolchildren and teenagers.

Methods. The research includes studies that were published between 2.010 to 2.017 using english or spanish electronic databases (Dialnet, EBSCOhost, Google Scholar, Medline, PudMed, REBIUM, SPORTDiscus y TESEO). The keywords were used to compile the main articles on the study’s topic. Excluding those items were not written in Castilian or English, studies that did not include measuring instruments previously validated, items that did not show full text, review articles, meta-analysis and unpublished studies.

Results. In our first search a totally of 467 articles were found and finally a total of 14 articles were selected for inclusion in the review. The articles were classified into studies that analyzed the relationship between physical fitness (or some of its dimensions) and the global self-concept, and studies that analyzed the association between physical fitness (or one of its indicators) and some of the dimensions of self-concept.

Conclusions. The results suggest a consistent association between physical fitness and self-concept, concluding that higher levels of physical fitness (or one of its indicators such as aerobic capacity and muscular strength) are related to a better global self-concept, especially in the physical and happiness-life satisfaction dimensions. However, studies that explain more significantly the causes of this relationship are required.



Fitness; Self-perception; Sistematic review.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009