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The objective of this study is to assess the relationship between sports practice, sleep quality and eating habits of adolescents and its implication in weight and body composition. The study was carried out in a population of 345 high school students of the county of Bragança, Portugal. The data was collected in May 2017 through a questionnaire that included the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), and a self-report questionnaire about food habits and practice of extracurricular physical activity, regarding its typology, frequency and duration in adolescents. The anthropometric and composition evaluation was performed using an electronic scale and using a bipolar electric bioimpedance method (Tanita BC-545®). The equivalent percentile was validated using the percentile / IMC tables (WHO, 2007). The results showed that 58% of the adolescents were practising sports outside school activities. The majority of adolescents, 75.1%, had a normoponderal percentile, 14.5% preobesity and 5.5% obesity. 36.0% of the students showed body weight above healthy. Regarding the quality of sleep, it was concluded that 39.71% of the participants showed poor quality of sleep (PSQI >5 points). The BMI percentile and body fat percentage were significantly correlated with sports practice and quality of sleep, which shows that both factors are positive factors to obtain percentile of BMI and normoponderal fat mass. It was also observed that the number of healthy daily habits is higher in students who practice extra-curricular sports, in students with a healthy percentile and / or adequate body fat. The results showed the importance of promoting physical activity, healthy eating choices and also sleep quality in childhood and adolescence. The maintenance of a healthy environment can be crucial not only to improve their actual lifestyles but also their future adult life.



Sleep quality, Physical activity, Anthropometric measures, Eating habits, Adolescents, Health. 

Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009