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Analyze and study in cross-sectional way the relationship between the physical fitness level and academic performance in high school students.

Material and methods

For this purpose, physical condition and academic performance were studied in 507 students (286 boys and 221 girls), in the most representative courses of secondary education, 2nd and 3rd year of ESO, with a mean age of 13.59 years. Three physical fitness tests were used to measure three important basic physical abilities; speed, endurance and strength


The present study analyzed the relationships between overall physical fitness and school performance in a group of high schools students. The average results of all the subjects studied in the academic year were obtained and compared with the average of the three tests that define the physical condition of the students. These results are in line with those obtained in previous studies in which light relationships between academic and motor performance are recognized.


The results showed that there were substantial positive relationships between academic achievement and physical fitness.




Physical exercise, physical condition level, school achievement, high school, students, physical education, teenagers.


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