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Need to introduce teaching of safe and protected teacher training techniques (SAFE FALL)




The purpose of this paper is to identify if the students who attend the Primary Education Degree of the Faculty of Education of the University of Seville know the risk of falls in childhood, what kind of training has it and if Important or not a specific training on the teaching of safe techniques and protected from falling. For this purpose, the ad hoc questionnaire called "INFOSECA Questionnaire" has been designed and passed to 125 students. Once analyzed the data have been obtained as main results that: the students in their initial formation as future teacher, is not aware of the possible consequences that the falls can produce to the minors. 88% state that they have no specific training in this type of content. It is concluded that it is necessary and essential to introduce in the initial training of future primary education teachers, especially those in charge of Physical Education classes, an active intervention program to try to minimize the consequences of accidents in students through teaching Of safe and protected techniques to fall, responding to the current problem that we are facing from different public organisms such as the World Health Organization (WHO).



Physical Education, falls, initial training and accidents.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009