Moral-García, JE; Momblanc-Sánchez, MC; Ruiz-Ariza, A.J; Martínez-López, EJ. (2014). Effect of a program whit pedometer in aspiring teacher of physical education. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 6(3):277-288.




Improper nutrition, sedentary lifestyle and decrease of physical activity are currently the main causes of the increase in youth obesity and overweight. The objective of the study was to know the effect of an intervention with pedometer aimed at students of teachers of Physical Education. It is a ten-week repeated measures study, in which participants (n = 122) were divided into two groups: G1-Experimental Group (n = 66) that carried a pedometer and had a step program with impact in the qualification, and Control Group (n = 56) who carried not pedometer and without any associated program. Candidates to become Physical Education teachers were asked to comply with a program of physical activity consisting of carrying out a minimum of 14000 and 12000 steps per day for boys and girls respectively. Anthropometric measurements of body mass index and waist-hip ratio were also taken. Each individual was measured twice (pre and post) separated by two periods of 10 weeks. The results showed a daily average of steps from 12832 in men and 12008 in women, but found no significant gender difference in different temporal moments analyzed, either during the week or weekend. The number of daily steps was reduced at the end of the program, especially during the weekend and weekdays outside academic hours. The variables Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist Hip Index (WHI) do not show significant decrease at the end of the last week of the program.





physical activity, pedometer, teachers, physical education, body mass index, waist-hip ratio.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009