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García-Hermoso, A.; Escalante, Y.; Domínguez, A.M.; Saavedra, J.M. (2013). Efectos de un programa de ejercicio y dieta en niños obesos: un estudio longitudinal. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 5(3):273-282.



The aim of this study was to determine the effect of a long-term exercise program (3 years) and hypocaloric diet on kinanthopometric and metabolic in obese children. The sample consisted of ten boys between 8 and 11 years, who conducted an aerobic multi-sport exercise program (three sessions, 90 minutes per week) and a hypocaloric diet (1500 kcal/day). There were four evaluations of the kinanthropometric (height, weight, fat mass and fat free mass) and eight metabolic parameters (Total Cholesterol, cholesterol HDL, LDL, triglycerides, insulin, glucose, HOMAIR, ratio CT/HDL and LDL/HDL). Following the intervention, changes were observed on zBMI, fat free mass, in lipid profile (Total Cholesterol, LDL and ratio LDL/HDL), glucose levels and insulin resistance (HOMA-IR), mainly at long-term (between the baseline and the end of the intervention). The conclusions can be drawn from this study were that combined program of exercise and diet produces a decrease in zBMI (BMI<p97), an improvement in lipid profile (LDL and ratio LDL/HDL), and an improvements in insulin resistance of obese subject) at the long term. These results verify the benefits of such programs to control childhood obesity.




obesity, physical exercise, hypocaloric diet, longitudinal intervention, cholesterol, insulin


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009