García-Carvajal, E; Marín-López, J.; Ruiz-Ariza, A.; Martínez-López, E.J. (2013). Corporal expression as means of learning in the subject of music. Teacher opinion. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 5 (3): 305-318.



The purpose of this study was to know the level of employment and practice of corporal expression as a means of learning in the Music subject by Secondary School teachers, and if these actions are different according to sex, age, population and degree. A total of 206 Secondary School teachers participated in the study. It created a new questionnaire on the use of corporal expression in the subject of Music. The statistical tests employed were the factor analysis, descriptive analysis of frequencies, contingency table analysis, ANOVA analysis, Student's T test for independent samples, Spearman correlation analysis and linear regression analysis. As result, the use of corporal expression in the teaching of music teachers is higher in younger and decreases with increasing age (P<0.05), besides younger teacher also has a higher conception of corporal expression and greater planning on the subject of music (P<0.05 and P<0.01, respectively). The teachers who studying corporal expression in their university studies, they employment this resource in teaching music and have a higher conception of the corporal expression (P<0.01). The female teachers include more corporal expression than male teachers (P<0.01). The urban teachers planning makes a more corporal expression and include her more than rural teachers (P<0.05 and P<0.01 respectively). We conclude that the higher music education including corporal expression, there is a greater acquisition of skills of this subject by the students.




Corporal expression, music, teacher, secondary school, movement.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009