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López-Fernández, I.; Pascual-Martos, C.A.; Álvarez-Carnero, E. (2013). Validation of a Pedometer to Measure Physical Activity during School Recess. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 5(2):167-178.




The goal of this study was to examine the validity, using the pedometer Y amax Digiwalker SW-200 (YDSW200) as a criterion standard, of the pedometer Dista Newfeel 100 (DN100) in counting steps during school recess on six and seven-year-old children. For two 30-minute school recess, 50 boys (7.02 ± 0.67 years, BMI = 17.51 ± 2.34 kg·m-2) and 46 girls (7.08 ± 0.65 years, BMI = 18.52 ± 3.18 kg·m-2) wore a YDSW200 and a DN100. The mean absolute percentage error was 18.20%. The results showed no significative differences were found between DN100 and YDSW200 steps recorded (z = -1.152, p = .249). There were strong correlations between DN100 and YDSW200 determined steps (r = .853, p < .001) and intraclass correlation coefficient was high (ICC = .858, p < .001). Bland-Altman plots indicated agreement without bias between steps recorded from the devices, and 81.77% of the measures agree within the 600 steps / recess tolerance. The DN100 appear to be a valid pedometer for measurement of steps in this context. 



pedometer, school recess, health promotion.  


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009