Juan-Llamas, C.; Viuda-Serrano, A. (2012). Learning of sport concepts through math subject in Secondary Education. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 5(1):71-86.



This article aims to determine whether, from the mathematics, the student is able to increase their knowledge in certain sports. These sports that are to want to encouraged include: swimming, basketball, karate, aerobics, skiing, athletics, horse riding and tennis. To this end, we have introduced concepts of these sports in mathematical problems. Students of 1o ESO can learn with them. Our experimental group is formed by 86 students of that course divided in 4 groups from an institute in the Southeast of the Community of Madrid. To know the results of our intervention, students completed a questionnaire assessing the initial knowledge and, subsequently, they worked problems with sports cited in math class. Fifteen days after the end of class work and without notice, they completed the same questionnaire again with the idea of know if these students had acquired the intended knowledge. The results were classified by groups, sex and sports. There were significant improvements in students’ knowledge in all the groups. These were higher in women than in men and in karate and horse riding were obtained significance levels higher than in skiing, aerobics and tennis. Levels of basketball, swimming and athletics were not significant due to high knowledge of students in these sports. Consequently, these results show general improvements in sport students’ culture and also emphasize the importance of interdisciplinarity in the curriculum of secondary education. It is also known as globalization of teaching and try the student to acquire knowledge relationally from different subjects and not in a disjointed way.



sport, maths, education, physical education, interdisciplinary. 

Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009