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Abián-Vicén J; Abián P. (2012). Dehydration of school-age children. Journal of Sport  and Health Research, 4(3):223-232.



The aim of the study was to review the mechanisms that are responsible for regulating the performance of different systems against dehydration in school children and to establish patterns of hydration to be followed when conducting the activity physics in different special situations (such as hot days).

Children are at greater risk of dehydration because they have anthropometric and physiological characteristics that make them less effective for dissipating the heat. Considering that thirst is a mechanism that occurs when there is already a hypohydration and that any percentage of dehydration causes a reduction in working capacity becomes important aspect of rehydration. Among the issues that we must take into account for proper rehydration find patterns in fluid intake in both quantity and distribution, CHO concentrations (4- 8%) temperature (8-10°C), metabolite concentrations (18 mmol / l) and the taste of the drink.

Hydration is a very important aspect, which we believe should not be taken lightly by groups that are in contact with children in sports such as parents, teachers or coaches. Especially considering that dehydration can have fatal consequences, as lead to heat stroke with all that this entails.



Dehydration, children, drinks, water, heat-stroke.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009