Estévez-López, F.; Tercedor, P.; Delgado-Fernández, M. (2012). Physical activity   recommendations forhealthy adults. Revision and current situation. Journal of Sport and Health Research, 4(3):233-244.



The main purpose of this narrative revision is to show the most relevant physical activity recommendations for healthy adults aimed to promote public health as well as to show studies in which the physical activity dose has been associated to the physical condition response of this adult population. There is a consensus about the type, frequency, duration and intensity of the physical activity that adults should do to reduce the risk of diseases. It is recommended to do moderate-intensity cardiorespiratory physical activity at least 150 minutes a week with a frequency of 5 days a week and in case of vigorous-intensity physical activity, 60 minutes a week with a frequency of 3 days a week. However, dose-response relationship between physical activity and health benefits is not exactly known. Recommendations for muscular strength and endurance rely on less scientific evidence. It is generally advisable to go beyond the minimum recommendations to achieve additional benefits. Nevertheless, possible injuries caused by the increase in intensity, frequency or duration of the physical activity are not considered.


Exercise, health, dose-response, prevention.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009