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Pradas, F.; Floría, P.; González-Jurado, J.A.; Carrasco, L.; Bataller, V. (2012). Development of an observational tood for table tennis analysis. Journal of Sport and Health Research, 4(3):255- 268. .



The purpose of this investigation was to develop a notational system that permits the observation, codification and the analysis of the game actions that are performed in the discipline of individual table tennis. The process that was followed in this study was based on the design of an observational tool in different phases: construction of a taxonomic system of codification; elaboration of an observational protocol; training the observers; codification, registry and storage of the data; analysis of the quality of data; and creation of a computerized database. To develop the observation system, three games that correspond to different rounds of the competition of “España Individual Absoluto” 2008 were randomly selected and analysed. All of the selected games were filmed with digital video cameras for a posterior visualization and analysis by the observers. The data obtained for each of the observed categories were organized, stored and analysed in a database. The correlations intra and interobservers produced a higher level of concordance (Cohen’s Kappa index >0.8). The creation of reliable observation systems which are able to analyse and describe what is happening during the competition permits us to make adequate decisions to optimize training and improve performance. The obtained results indicate that the system of observation used is reliable to evaluate and objectively describe game actions as well as temporal structure of the type of individual table tennis.



Notational analysis, observational methodology, computerized tool, game actions, temporal structure, table tennis.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009