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Vaquero-Cristóbal, R.; Isorna, M.; Ruiz, C. (2012). Review about state of alcohol consumption and physical sports practice. Journal of Sport and Health Research, 4(3):269-288.



Alcohol consumption and physical practice together with other features are the most important health factors.

In Spain there is an over-tolerance of alcohol consumption, especially among young people. This tendency is very worrying since adolescent behaviours will be adopted and will appear in adulthood.

Physical activity has been proposed as a means of health promotion from an early age. However there are contradictory researches. Therefore it is essential to draw effective prevention and intervention programs.

The objective of this revision was to analyse the actual state of investigation related to alcohol consumption, the impact of use on health and the relationship between alcohol consumption and physical activity, as well as possible use of sport for preventing and intervening on this habit.




Alcohol, life style, health, physical activity.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009