Zurita, F.; Linares, D.; Martínez, A y Linares, M. (2012). Habits of immigrant students and native education on primary school transport of material . Journal of Sport and Health Research, 4(3):289-298



There is no doubt that, increasingly, is taking a gradual influx of population, this study primarily assessed the relationship between the variables of geographical origin and type of utensil used for transporting school supplies.

The sample consisted of 1331 participants, with a mean age of 8.76 years (age range 6 to 12 years) belonging to the province of Granada, who were enrolled in primary stage. We selected a model questionnaire for data collection. The results indicated that 4.7% of participants were from North Africa, while 3.3% came from South America. On the use of the backpack for 51.1% of them employed, while the remaining 48.9% used the trolley (cart with wheels). Also, note that the women are opting for the trolley (56.2%) and that upon reaching 10 years of age produced a total investment towards the use of the backpack. Finally, it should qualify as large statistical differences found in the geographical map and use of school buses, fueled by the low use of trolley performing Maghreb and South American populations compared to the rest of the school population of Granada. The main conclusions and observing the results we need highlight the need for protocols and awareness programs on the proper use of this tool (trolley), adapted to the individual needs of each person to prevent future spinal abnormalities of type.


Migraciones, Escolares, Raquis, Magreb, Prevención, Mochila, Trolley.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009