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Vila-Maldonado, S.; García López, L.M.; y Contreras Jordán, O.R. (2012). The research of the visual behaviour, from the cognitive-perceptual focus and the decision making in sports. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 4(2):137-156.



From the cognitive psychology key aspects of the information- processing have been addressed. Thus, the cognitive – perceptual focus, interprets the sportsman like someone able to process the information and solve the problems raised in the sportive environment. Researches in sports have evolved as well as the different study technics, allowing the participants face every time to more ecological environments, in that the visual perception is similar to the real one. The present article intends to review the most outstanding researches around the visual perception and the decision making, starting from a cognitivist focus, and addressing the different kinds of techniques used for the development of them.


perception, development, cognitive psychology, information- processing.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009