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Benito, E.; Lara Sánchez, A.J.; Moral-García, J.E.; Martínez-López, E.J. (2012). Effects of order of application of electrical stimulation and plyometric in the training of humdred speed. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 4(2):167-180.



The aim of this study was to determine the best order application of plyometric (PT) and neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NM ES) to the training of the event of 100 m.l. 98 sprinter athletes participed in this study. They were aged 17.16 ± years and had a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 20.37 ± 2.68. The sample was randomized into a control group and three experimental groups with a different frecuency and different order application of PT and NM ES. It measured the time at the first 20m, and at 73 m, and the last 27 m ant the time at 100 m.l. The measures were carried out in three different moments: before the training (pre), after six weeks of training (post) and after two weeks of detraining (descanso). Improvement were obtained in the simultaneous group (plyometric jump were performed through the passage current). It was concluded that the training with PT and NM ES must be different about the expression strength that will be training. To improve the speed at 100 m.l a complement to the training could be applied a simultaneous training of PT andNM ES. The improvement obtained by this training are kept up two weeks after the application of the same one.


Electrical stimulation, plyometric, speed.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009