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Cárdenas, D.; Piñar, M.; Llorca-Miralles, J.; Ortega, E.; Courel, J. (2012). Influence of the form of use of space on fastbreak effectiviness in high performance male basketball. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 4(2):181-190.



The aim of this study was to analyse the influence of the use of spatial variables on fastbreak performance at the Eurobasket finals in Poland 2009. We studied the zones in which the players recovered the ball, received the first pass, moved to the offence court and finished the fastbreak. We performed a comparative analysis of these variables between winning and losing teams. We analyzed eight teams. The sample consisted of 169 fastbreaks in the twelve matches in the championship final. Observational methodology was applied. The results showed that (a) winners and losers recovered the ball in the back zone, and the former used more side back areas (26.4% versus 10.2% losers), (b) the winning teams received fastbreak first passes in more forward zones, (c) there were no significant differences between winners and losers in the transit zones, being the same in both effective and ineffective fastbreaks, (d) the winning teams were more effective in the end zone near the opponent’s basket. Winning teams made more fastbreaks and were more effective than losing teams.


match analysis, tactics, attack, transition


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009