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Carrasco, M.; Romero, E.; Martínez, I.; Fernández, I. (2012). Incidence and diagnosis of injuries in a Valencia honor first division water polo team. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 4(2):191- 198.



Background: water polo practice often leads to injuries. A specific diagnosis of them is essential to optimize the performance and health of the players.
Objective: the aim of the present study was to record the incidence of injuries not needed in a water polo team, their diagnosis and the limitation of player’s training.
Participants: the sample was composed by theValencia Honor First Division water polo men’s team of San Javier (Murcia) (n= 13).  Methods: injuries were recorded during the competitive season 2009-2010. A standarized injuries report form was completed after every train or match. It was designed by the Medical Assessment and Research Centre of the FIFA to assess injuries in water polo and other team sports.
Results: a total of 14 injuries were reported. Most of all affected the shoulder and the thigh (4 and 4 respectively). Only two of all injuries were diagnosed. Four of the total of injuries limited the player’s training for some days.
Conclusion: our study suggests that injuries in water polo are not often diagnosed. This could be the key to preserve player’s performance and health


monitoring, record, sport


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009