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Molero, D.; Belchi-Reyes, M.; Torres-Luque, G. (2012). Socio-emotional competentes in mountain Sports. Journal of Sport and Health Research, 4(2):199-208.



(Objectives) This paper aims to describe the socioemotional competences of a sample of practicing sports in the natural environment, establish relationships between these competences and the variables sex, age and fitness level of participants. (Method) The sample consisted 95 subjects by practitioners of the sport in the natural environment offers the sports department of the University of Jaén. All of them are given the scale ECSE, after activities in the wild. (Results) The powers have been most valued motivation and empathy, self-awareness, conflict resolution and teamwork ratings obtained intermediate, while interpersonal self-regulation and regulation are the least valued. (Conclusions) The results obtained showed significant differences between socioemotional competences depending on the gender of participants in favor of women.


Physical activity, outdoor sports, emotional competences, emotional intelligence.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009