Tejero, C.M.; Balsalobre, C.; Higueras, E. (2011). Active Digital Entertainment (ADE). Social reality, tretas and opportunities of virtual physical activity. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(1):7-16.




This paper is an analytical-documentary study that has been structured around one aim: to research the relevance of the use of video game consoles linked to physical activity as a new form of entertainment. For this purpose, after the exposure of a detailed sociohistorical analysis of digital physical activity, there are provided evidences of the economic impact of these platforms and their applications to healthy physical activity programs and their benefits to body composition, fitness and injuries recovering. Also, possible threats and strengths of this social fact, named Active Digital Entertainment (ADE) by the authors, are discussed. It is concluded that this reality is a real mean for sports science professionals to promote the practice of healthy physical activity, although there are some dangers related to the use of this resource that should be evaluated.


New trends in physical activity, active digital entertainment, sociology, videogames.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009