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Zurita, F. (2011). The importance of flexor capacity and ligament hiperlaxity in the detection of school athletes. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(1):47-58.




Background: It is a fact that the demands of athletic performance are becoming higher at all levels. The detection of certain physiological, biomechanical and bone parameters, allow a thorough identification of individuals with physical features that make them suitable or highly skilled for some sports disciplines.

Objective: This study evaluated the relationship between flexor capacity and ligamentous hypermobility type, and a group of demograph c-type variables (age, sex, area of origin) and the interaction among them.
Participants: The final selection of the sample consisted of 1331 participants, with an average age of 8.76 years old originally from the provinces of Almeria and Granada, and it was carried out by sampling according to the natural composition of the groups and the criterion of attending primary school. We used several data gathering instruments (such as sociodemographic questionnaire, evidence of deep flexion of the trunk and Beighton test) to collect the required variables.
Restults: The results showed that the average flexibility of the population was 16.69 cm and 26.7 of participants had rates of ligamentous laxity. Regarding flexibility, it was observed statistically significant differences by gender, age and geographical origin; it was also registered differences between the hypermobile individuals (Beighton positive sign) as a function of gender and age that did not take place with regard to the origin. Moreover, it`s worth to say that no differences were found between the ability flexor and hypermobile characteristics.
Conclusions: As a main conclusion it is important to remark the need to develop study programs for sports talent identification in relation to cultural diversit now present in Spanish territory driven by migration flows and adapted to current needs and individual sports to encourage different sports specialties.


Flexibility, Hyperlaxity Ligamentous, Migrations, Deep Flexion of Trunk, Beighton, Students, Sports


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009