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Garrido, M.E.; Romero, S.; Ortega, E.; Zagalaz, M.L. (2011). Designing and validation of a
questionnaire on parents for children in sport.
Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3l(1):59-70.




Objective: This paper presents the design and validation of a questionnaire for young athletes. The aim of the questionnaire is to ascertain the opinion they have about the behavior and actions of their parents in the sport they practice.
Participants: The sample consisted of 448 children from different schools of Seville Municipal Sports. The construction and validation of the questionnaire was carried out through different stages, such as content validation by experts and the process of reliability and internal consistency.

Restults: The results show that the questionnaire is valid and reliable for the views that have children sportsmen about the behavior of their parents in the sport. This is observed in the five sub-scales derived from the questionnaire (communication between the parents, child-parent communication, competition, environment and research), which are values over 688.


questionnaire, children, validation, parents, sports.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009