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Torres-Luque, G.; Sanchez-Pay, A.; Moya, M. (2011). Competitive analysis of requirement of young tennis players. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(1):71-78.




Objective: The aim of this study is to assess the psycho-physiological response of young tennis players.
Participants: 8 tennis players national level (15.02 ± 2.01 years, 172.40 ± 8.02 cm, 63.21 ± 4.32 kg, 9.5 ± 1.3 years experience) were selected.

Method: We assessed individual matches on clay at the same conditions. The matches were taped (DCR_DVD92E SONY digital camera), analyzing the temporal structure: total game time (TT), realtime game (TR), rest time (TD), number of rally (NP), number of strokes for rally (GP) and duration of rally (DP). In turn, recorded the heart rate (HR) throughout the game (Polar RS400) and blood lactate concentration ([lac]) between field change in the tennis court (LactatePro), and subjective perception of exertion (RPE) after each game (Borg Scale) we determined.
Results: a notational analysis it is in line with other studies, and HR average around the 135 lat•min-1, 1.54 mmol•l-1 blood lactate and RPE around 12. This type of analysis is vital importance in the training process as it contributes to better planning of specific training in young players tennis.


Tennis, heart rate, blood lactate, young.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009