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González, G. (2011). Psychology and tactical aspects to consider in the development of sport football match institutional relevance. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(1):91-96.




The soccer team sport entails taking into consideration many variables that take place every day within a team, which in turn innovatively fluctuate over a season.
Professional football requires immediate success. Short-termism implicit part of the game, and sometimes so quickly means the loss of the quiet and the intrusion of anxiety in the sporting group.
The teams consist of people who have a particular idiosyncrasy to think, live, understand and function in life and in his profession, therefore, is the coach and manager in charge of harmonizing all the variables of a professional football team optimize athletic performance and thus ensure the required results.
This article focuses on the strategic development of a party full of vital consideration. Not being a game more, this meeting has been assigned a range of situations drenched sport-reaching economic and institutional, and both players and officials who make up the coaching of a football club have to know how to handle scenarios restless and impatient.


Football, intervention, self-confidence, tactical aspects and functions of the coach.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009