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Granere, A.; Baena, A.; (2010). The search for nature as a way of compensation of the new urban lifestyle . J Sport Health Res, 2(1):17-25



The aim of this article is to highlight the importance of various physical and sports activities in the natural environment for an increasingly urbanized society in which automation, monotony of everyday life, routine, and in many cases sedentary has been a stimulus to search for alternative practices in leisure and entertainment. In this context, nature has begun to gain prominence, as this lifestyle has stimulated the desire to return to it, since it seems an alternative, a refuge to rediscover the natural environment, to find himself and to enjoy new life, and physical activities, sports, recreation and adventure, a vehicle increasingly used as compensation in the form of urban life. Therefore, it is necessary to break, even temporarily, with lifestyle and get the current balance through contact with nature and sport practice in this medium.


nature, style of life, physical activity in natural environment, urban environment.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009