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Fuentes, J.P.; Díaz, C.; (2010). Analysis of heart rate during a tennis training session and its relationship with heart-healthy index. J Sport Health Res, 2(1):26-34




The control of heart rate with pulsometer is a good marker for evaluating the response of heart to exercise. The aims of this research were: first, to assess heart rate obtained during a tennis training, changing the intensity at those stages in which the player is hitting the ball, through various forms of displacement: 1) view if there are significant differences between them and 2) see if they get heart cardiac frequency. 45 students were monitored for 4th and 5th of Science Degree in Physical Activity and Sport (20.98 ± 3.67 years). They do a session with four areas of intensity (walking slowly, walking fast, jogging and running). The cardiac response to exercise showed that these areas have significant differences among themselves and are within the areas marked as hearthealthy.


tennis, training, physical hearthealthy exercise and heart rate.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009