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Ashoke, B.; Skikha, D.; Sudarsan, B. (2010). Reaction time with respect to the nature of stimulus and age of male subjects. J Sport Health Res, 2(1):35-40



In the field of games and sports an athlete requires to react to different types of stimuli according to the nature of situation. A number of studies have been conducted in the psycho-physiological area to analyze the variation in reaction time with change in the nature of stimulus. According to the findings the reaction time of an individual varies with change of nature of stimulus. Present study was planned as an extension of such effort to analyze the change in reaction time using three different types of stimulus – visual, auditory, and tactile. A total of 800 male subjects of 05 to 70 years of age were selected as subjects. They were divided into 16 equal sized age groups. The reaction time was measured by digital electronic reaction timer by using auditory, visual, and tactile signals as stimulus.
Results showed that the mean values of auditory reaction time were the lowest and the tactile reaction time was the highest for all age groups. The results also indicated that the reaction time decreased with increase of age up to 21-25 year and thereafter the reaction time increased with increase of age. The trend of change in reaction time with age for all the three stimuli was similar. The results have been supported by other research studies.


Reaction time, Auditory Stimulus, Visual Stimulus, Tactile Stimulus.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009