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Santana, F.J.; Fernández, E.; Merino, R. (2010). The effects of the pilates method on the strength, flexibility, agility and balance of professional mountain bike cyclist. J Sport Health Res, 2(1):41-54



There exists quite a bit of information about the history, foundation and exercises of the Pilates Method, however, it is difficult to come across studies that provide scientific data regarding how this method can bring about high level outcomes in sports. The objective of our study is to discover what kind of effects the application of training based on the Pilates Method have in the areas of strength, flexibility, agility and balance on a professional mountain bike cyclist. The design is “within a group”, (temporary series of intersubject design) given that the subject, Rúben Ruzafa, is the only professional cyclist in Málaga. Spanish Champion in 2005, 2006, and 2008 and World Champion in 2005 and 2008. 6 measurements have been taken (3 base line measurements and 3 as a posterior evaluation). The greatest effort, (a calculation based on the maximum number of repetitions) in situps, benchpresses, cuadriceps and femorals. The explosive force with the horizontal jump. Resistance force of abdominals until the subject becomes fatigued. Coordination in the slalom test; sit and reach flexibility and balance in the flamenca test. There is marked improvement in strength in all of its forms (maximum, explosive, resistance), agility, flexibility and balance after a 3 day a week, 4 week Pilates Training programme. Therefore, the aforementioned hypothesis is true. The hypothesis defended that if the use of this method in training translated into an improvement of physical qualities, then its application will in turn improve in these areas for professional mountain bike cyclists.


pilates, strengths flexibility, agilityc balance, mountain biking, professional cyclist.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009