Martínez-López, E.J.; Lara, A.J.; Chacón, J.; Rodríguez, I. (2009). Characteristics, frecuencies and type of physical exercise practiced by the adolescents. Sepecial attention to the obese pupil. J Sport Health Res, 1(2):88-100



The study seeks to quantify the weekly frequency and the daily time dedicated to the practice of the adolescents' physical activity. A questionnaire of 20 related articles was used with mounting in bicycle, to practice swimming, to practice team sports, individual sports, running, aeróbic, to practice combat sports, to go to the gym, to walk, and to make physical exercise or gymnastics at home. 2033 students of secondary education participated. The result expresses a scarce practice of weekly AF for the adolescents' own bill, where almost 60 apparent% not to carry out, or to make it very sporadically, being still more accused the scarce time of daily realization, since in most of the cases it would not arrive to the minimum recommendations of the MVPA of practicing daily a hour of intense or moderate AF.



physical exercise, physical activity, adolescents, obese pupil, sport practice.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009