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Martinez-López, E.J.; Chacon,J.; Moral, J.E. (2009). Influences of the school and family context in the adolescent's physical activity. Special attention to the obese pupil. J Sport Health Res, 1(1):26-45.



The present study sought to know the influence that the family, social context and scholar causes in the physical activity and the sedentary lifestyle of the own body of the adolescents. 2033 students of secondary education participated in a questionnaire of 28 articles. The main results expressed that in the students overweight a low interest appeared for the practice of physical exercise among the group of friends, a smaller acceptance of its physique, a bigger sensation of fatigue during the realization of physical exercise, as well as a bigger knowledge and control of the caloric expense after the sport practice. The consideration of the own corporal image is perceived in a very heterogeneous way by those interviewed it is very prominent that almost 45% manifests not to like him its body, and that 18% is manifested



obesity, overweight, physical activity, adolescents


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009