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Latorre, P.A.; Gasco, F.; García, M.; Martínez, R.M.; Quevedo, O.; Carmona, F.J.; Rascón, P.J.; Romero, A.; López, G.A.; Malo, J. (2009). Analysis of the influence of the parents in the sports promotion of the children. J Sport Health Res, 1(1):12-25



The initiation to sports is one of, if not the most important and interesting moment in the life of a child; through the practice of sport, children acquire healthy habits and correct knowledge of how to be healthy. The present study analyzes attitude, awareness, and knowledge that parents have of school sports and in what way this influences how their children are initiated to sports. The results highlight that the majority of parents expose their children to sports by encouraging chlidren to find healthy ways to spend their free time. Parents are satisfied by the amount of sports offered and the training level of the instructors. Nevertheless, this level of satisfaction falls when parents are questioned about sports facilities. Finally, it is worth noting that parents automatically associate sports with better health and are therefore ignorant of the risks involved. They also assume that sports activity in childrens` early years is sinonymous with good health.



sports, children, parentes, specialization.



Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009