Berdejo, D.; González, J. M. (2009). Strength training in young tennis players. J Sport Health Res, 1(1):46-55.



Unlike many other sports which may require high levels of one or two physical capacities, tennis requires high performance of most capacities, such as speed, strength, power, agility, or aerobic endurance. The aim of this paper was to show the current tendencies and recommendations on strength training in “Under 12 years old” level tennis players (aged 10-12). Strength plays a very important and essential role in tennis, since the upper limbs’ speed and power, as well as the speed of legs, and the auxiliary muscles, depend on explosive- strength performance and explosive- strength endurance performance during the whole match. Therefore, the improvement of the relationship strength/speed – through jumps, runs, throws, by using body weight and additional loads (medicinal balls, ballasts, mates) – is a necessary aspect to bear in mind.


sexplosive-strength, medicine ball, jump, throw.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009