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Chulvi, I.; Heredia, I.; Isidro, F.; Masiá, L. (2009). Dose in resistance training for the health: criteria for the exercise selection. J Sport Health Res, 1(1):56-67.



In the last years we are attending to great advance in the field of de exercise sciences, specially related in dose-response on resistance training and the minimal criteria for the exercise program for halth and quality of life (fitness). Fruit of this work, there have been generated certain consensues that have been taken in consideration as minimum for the manipulation variables for design of conditioning neuromuscular program. In this article we review the mentioned works to propose an extension in an operable component for the design of resistance training with the intention of helping to achieve optimal adaptations for achieve the aims in a effective and safe way. This variable is the selection of exercise, variable that will be developed from the perspective of efficiency, ergonomy and function inside the design of neuromuscular conditioning programs.


strength training, ergonomic, functional training, dose-response, injury.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009